Visiting Douglas… and Magellan (2004)

This trip was talked about for a very loooong time but no one knew that it was going to happen. It all started with a text from Daniel inviting the P’s to be the godparents of his baby boy, DJ. Then people started suggesting without arriving at really definite plans. At that time, all I knew was the only ones who accepted the invite were Edwin, my buddy, and another ‘lups’ from down south, Andy (thanks to Sun Cellular, which keeps us updated through its unlimited text and call promo).

Since there weren’t concrete plans, I thought of considering the trip as just one of those ‘talks’. :-)) ) I couldn’t really recall what happened then but the next thing I knew was I was purchasing my ticket to Tacloban. And Since Edwin knew that I was busy working my butt off on a project, he didn’t take me seriously when I told him that I decided to go to Tacloban until he saw me waving at him at the airport.

Edwin and I took the afternoon flight together. We were the first ones from the group to arrive. A few hours after checking in, Ancie arrived. She took the bus all the way from Bicol, which made her too tired to even smile. šŸ™‚ The last ones to arrive where Tibo and Andy. Andy took a ferry from Cagayan de Oro, while Steve from Davao. They both met in Cebu and together rode another ferry to Tacloban.

Eventhough we were somewhat dead tired the first day, we still somehow managed to enjoy each other’s company. The rest of the time after DJ’s christening were spent on shopping and going around Leyte.

Our adventurous selves must have shook us on the last day that we decided to extend our holiday by going to Cebu from Tacloban!

But then, that’s another story. šŸ™‚

With Edwin, Andy, Steve, and Ancie (Taking the Photo)

Crossing Samar at San Juanico Bridge


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