One Fun Sabado (2006)

I wasn’t supposed to go out last Saturday but since my best friend, Ailyn, invited me to go to Salcedo Market, which is just five-minutes away from where we live, I took two-hours off from my review.

Salcedo Market is opened every Saturdays from 7 A.M. ’till about 2 P.M. I got the impression that the stalls in the market are managed by Salcedo Village residents. The first time I went to this nice place was last year but I wasn’t really able to go around because my friends and I met only for a quick brunch. Since I got the luxury of two whole hours to go around Salcedo Market last Saturday, I took some photos of what people can get from there (well, for some reasons, I really have to take some pictures of the area).

This one is not the usual setting where you get common street food such as fish balls, hot dogs, siomai, burgers, and the likes. The place is really small as compared to the popular tiangges we have nowadays, but they have really good food, a few of which, I have never seen or eaten before, such as ‘prechon’ (several sliced lechon with cucumber wrapped in white wax paper), some homemade desserts, and organic vegetable juices.

Aside from the good food, they also sell fresh fruits and veggies, plants, and local items such as hats and bags.

I’m definitely going back there to try some more interesting food, and maybe get myself a decorative plant to lighten up my place …

Yes, after all these pressures …


Not so true to my word, I went back to Salcedo even before the pressures were over. It wasn’t as fun as before since it started to rain hard moments after we reached the market. But the food was still great so it is acceptable to say that despite the rain, my return to Salcedo was good. :-)))



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