Long Wait’s Over (2006)

Mr. and Mrs.

Carlo and Chrize finally tied the knot on September 16, 2006 at the Santissimo Rosario Parish. She was the first one from our college group to officially walk down that long aisle.

It was a memorable day for us all. The wedding was simple but lovely. The groom cried (sniff… sniff). The bride was high. Sheryl went numb for a moment (hi-hi-hi :-)). Bujie became Alon (don’t ask me where Chrize’s mind was… maybe that’s how it is when you’re on spotlight!). Nat kissed her Buj in public (never knew that could happen). I was extremely happy. And the Duprees were there! Hahaha!

With the Bride! 🙂

Who’s next in line, ladies? 🙂 (Basta ako, aantayin ko na makalakad si Elee! She’ll definitely make a lovely flower girl in my entourage! :-))


Click here for more photos


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  1. […] 2. It was our first time to be together again (headcount almost complete = missing 2) after Chrize’s wedding last year. Just right after ordering food, one of them started to become restless. Vinci wanted eat […]

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