My Share of Good ‘Ol Winter (2006)

It’s this time of the year again when some countries are having their share of the winter season. And when I think about it, I can’t help but remember my first encounter with snow.

I remember that it happened in one of the early days of November last year when I was having a hell day at work. I was new to some workload and was trying my best to work some things out on my own. My desk was just beside the huge window and when it started to snow, one of my colleagues called my name and told me to look out of the window. I never expected that snow will come earlier that month since it was raining almost everyday. When I saw those white cotton-like flakes dropping gently from the sky and onto the grounds, I was ecstatic! My colleagues knew that I have never seen snow in my entire life (Now I’m wondering what would it be like if it snows in the Philippines…). So, they turned all their attention on me and watched me literally fall in love with the view from my desk. I was too happy to almost go jumping like a wacky little kid who just got the toy she’d always wanted. I repeatedly said, “It’s snowing…”, which created some laughter in the room. While I was being sort-of zany in front of my colleagues, I remembered to send a message to my housemate and inform her that it finally started to snow! She replied with a nice, sweet message, which said, “Yes. I was just thinking about you!”

Since I arrived at the UK, I have waited for the snow to come and badly wanted it to come on a weekend. Unfortunately, it first came on a workday, and it wasn’t just an ordinary workday. It wasn’t a day when I was all relaxed. It was a day when I was rushing off some unfinished work! But since my colleagues knew of my so-called whim for snow, one of them asked me if I wanted to go down and make some good memories out of my first snowfall experience. Of course, there wasn’t any other answer to that but a big fat yes!

When I opened the door, I was amazed and was speechless. A huge smile crossed my face and the only time that my face changed into some unpleasant reaction was when I almost slipped on the wet ground. I wasn’t sure on how to walk with the snow beneath my heeled boots, so I held on to Chris, my colleague, for most of the time. He led me to the nearest park where we were able enjoy the view best and where we took some photos. Talk about bringing home a remembrance! Some kids started playing with the snow. We passed by little girls, probably from the pre-school nearby, doing some snow angels. There were also little boys starting to engage in snow fights.

Chris and I decided to return to work after admiring our white surrounding and taking some photos. I tried to practice walking in the snow alone so I walked ahead of Chris. As I was doing my own live act, Chris called me. I turned my head only to see a snowball flying straight to my face. It wasn’t the perfect defense that I made then but I was able to save my shivering face from a big snow splat! Of course I didn’t let this snow match pass by. I also grabbed a handful of snow, turned it into a snowball, and muscularly hurled it at Chris’ face. But since I went almost out of balance, I missed the bull’s eye!

My first encounter with snow wasn’t just the only unforgettable one. There was the snow and the hot choco at Tris and Tan’s house two days after Christmas, the snow and the long bus journey from Yorkshire, the snow and the train journey from London, the snow and some good moments at home in Birmingham, the snow and the ski lessons in Engelberg, the snow, the snow angel, and the snow fight in Brunni, the snow, the sledding, and the sore butt also in Brunni, the snow with someone so special in Zurich…

There were so many and I can go on until I won’t be able to count them with my fingers, and the experience would always be better than the last.

As I think of the winter setting in those cold countries, I can’t help but think of the wonderful moments I then had. Now that I’m back in the country, I must say that I miss the snow so much!


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