So Proud To Be Pinoy! (2006)

Boxing has never been in my vocabulary of interests for the past years. But ever since I took up kickboxing classes (boxing plus kicks, elbows, and knees) and began to learn all those sparring details (straight, jab, upper cut, cross punch, etc.), I finally became so interested in the sport.

So, I watched The Grand Finale – Manny Pacquiao vs. Erik Morales – yesterday. And am so glad I did.I watched Manny with so much pride, trying to understand every move he did. He has a fast hand speed and a very good concentration in pulling himself back together after being attacked. The stadium was packed with different nationalities (Filipinos, Mexicans, Americans) and the Filipinos in the US who attended the most exciting – and most awaited – fight of the Pacquiao-Morales trilogy, cheered so much for Manny and proudly carried the Philippine flag with them. There was just so much support given! When the short and victorious (for Filipinos, of course) fight ended, I realized that the happiness that I felt wasn’t just that of simply seeing Manny win the fight, but it was that of being able to unite with the rest of the Filipinos in cheering for the country and stand with pride… I know that it wasn’t just me who was feeling this way. I’ve seen those faces in the stadium and I know that there are millions of other Filipinos out there who also shared the same feeling.

Glad I took time to watch. 🙂


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