SSEAYP International Philippines Reunion On-Board (2006)

Organization: Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP)
Activity: Alumni Reunion On-Board
Venue: M/V Nippon Maru’s Dining Hall
Date: 27 November 2006

Our Home – M/V Nippon Maru

Our beloved ship, M/V Nippon Maru, has once again visited the Philippines. Around 300 SSEAYP alumni came, socialized, enjoyed the food, casted their votes for the new batch of SIP Board of Directors, and reminisced their SSEAYP days.Nippon Maru still looks exactly the same as it was way back in 2002 when our batch first boarded it, and in 2004 when I attended the annual on-board reunion, except for some interiors, which appeared to be a bit newer.

Batchmates 2002

There were many old and new faces. Some of the SSEAYP moms and dads even brought their kids with them, while others brought along their partners as guests.

Tambayayong 2002, my batch, showed a good number of attendees. There were unexpected attendees like Aldean (who, all the while I thought wouldn’t return home soon since he was in the UK finishing his further studies just a month ago), my partner Rex (who I thought as well wouldn’t be home soon from the US), Jules (who might have been too busy performing his duties as Vice-Mayor), and Tanjo and Hazel (who live in the famous, far-away Baguio).Of course, the ones who always make it to SSEAYP activites were there: Couple Dep and Not (with SSEAYP baby on the way), Daddy Bert (and Mommy Nars), Tibo (who came with another agendum in mind), and Edwin (who just came from his Japan and UK trips).

Tambayayong was also happy to reunite with Japanese batchmate, Kumi, and Cambodian batchmate, Thon.

The Complete Set

Pia (our former liaison officer who used to belong to the “always present group” and now practicing her new role as a wife), Tanya, and Daniel, who happened to be in Manila for official business, followed to Tiendesitas, where SSEAYP’s reunion and party continued.

It was a long night but no one really minded the time. It was full of surprises and smiles. Countless personal questions and stories were exchanged throughout the evening, yet there were still untackled ones.

It was such a good time to reminisce each SSEAYP moment but I had to cut it short due to some non-negotiable reasons. I’m looking forward to the next on-board reunion (that’s going to be next year still, of course) and I hope to see more happy faces.



  1. Very interesting site… I wish I could write like you! Miky

  2. pamalfaro said

    ON MIKY: Hi. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Have been busy these days but I’ll try to write more… 🙂

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