Discovery 101: The Hobbes @ Greenbelt

So I got the chance to see my college buddies last Friday. We had dinner at Recipes in Greenbelt (Loved their tilapia there! Na-addict yata ako.) and then dessert at Café Breton. We had a good evening catching up a lot of missed life stories since we last saw each other in Batangas after my birthday last year.

After Café Breton, I met with another good, good friend. Since we didn’t feel like going elsewhere, we decided to just visit the stores inside the Greenbelt mall. Our last stop was Hobbes. Even before, I never tried to visit this store because I thought that I didn’t have the time to play games. From the window display of years ago, I got the impression that this store was meant for boys (and maybe men!). The store displayed fighting little warriors from the ancient times. That was at the least of my interest, of course! But since this guy friend is a good, good friend, I didn’t object. Or maybe, I just didn’t have the time to raise my objection since he sort-of forgot all about me after seeing a display of a bunch of toys. Men!

Upon entering the store, I saw four professionals gathered together. They seemed like they were having a meeting. Of course I wondered if it was right to have a meeting inside a toy store?! So I went closer to the group and it wasn’t a meeting after all! They were trying to solve a puzzle! Four heads are better than one, huh?

There were two other tables unoccupied so I sat down on one of those tables. There was a wooden mind game set on the table – four small woods of different sizes and shapes. The courteous salesman approached me and told me that the puzzle was to make a letter T out of the four small woods. I had the hardest time ever! I think that that time, the creative part of my mind wasn’t in the mood to make something out of nothing. My friend saw me doing the puzzle and he joined me. After a few tries, he got the letter T! The salesman told us that we should do a letter L, letter V, an arrow, and a home. Again, he was able to do all those.

As he was trying his own mind game, I saw that there were two pieces of woods lying on the table. So I asked the salesman for instructions. He told me that I should make a pyramid out of the two pieces of wood! I enjoyed trying to make a pyramid until the store announced that they were closing for the night. Outcome? No pyramid. Haha!

After surveying the whole area, I wasn’t surprised that a lot of people – couples, group of friends, and salary men (maybe trying to distress after a hell day at work) – would prefer to go visit a toy store on a Friday night.

The store has a coffee and shake stall in case people plan to spend the whole day solving puzzles. They have a whole set of Monopoly, a bunch of board games, children’s games, party games, mystery games, and my favorite, mind games. They still have those fighting little warriors for collection, which I’d rather just stare at.

Sitting there and trying to solve countless puzzles were refreshing, indeed, so I’d definitely go back to the place which I once thought to be a boy’s store: the Hobbes at Greenbelt.


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