The Farm (2006)

The Farm at San Benito – A place meant for relaxation and healthy living ! This is just a two and a half-hour drive from Metro Manila, not bad if you want to get away from the chaotic city and enjoy being in touch with nature at your own pace.

The Farm Lagoon

Its accommodation facilities are not just something you can get from the city. They are designed like our very own homes making them a home away from home. πŸ™‚

It has a vegetarian restaurant (and none other – sorry meat lovers!) – the Vegan. I know most of you would now probably see this place as a no-no, but honestly, this restaurant serves really good vegetarian meals. I personally loved the Corn Cheese Stuffed Shitake Mushrooms with Wilted Spinach. πŸ™‚

Their lunch menu include Avocado & Sayote Tartar, Roasted Sweet Potato & Garlic Soup, a Salad Buffet, Corn Cheese Stuffed Shitake Mushrooms with Wilted Spinach, Tostados with Mexican Bean Chili & Sour Cream, and Vanilla Flan with Strawberry Romanoff.

Room rates run between PhP 5,000 to PhP 36,000 and can accommodate from two to three persons.

The pools are excellent! The whole place has three different swimming pools, one of which is a heated pool. Two of the pools are overlooking the mountains and the trees, providing visitors a moment to really feel relaxed. Pool amenities are similar to those of first class hotels…

So, go on and imagine… πŸ™‚

Salus Per Aqua Pool

The Farm offers scheduled farm tours, and yoga and pilates classes. It is also equipped with a meditation area, a gym, a library, an amphitheater, a spa area (yes! yes!), a lagoon, a vegetable garden, and trails for walking and jogging.

There are more to these but the rest definitely comes with experience.

The Farm used to be just a must-visit in my travel list and it’s not a surprise that it still remains the same.

Below are the directions to The Farm at San Benito (Using the Batangas Exit and the Star Tollway Extension):

(1) Head to Tambo – Lipa Exit (2) Turn Left at McDonald’s (3) Immediate Turn By Max’s Restaurant (4) Turn Left at A. Bonifacio Street (5) Turn Left to Latag Study Camp (6) Turn Right to Barangay Jose (7) Turn Left at Nicetas Katigbak Sign , Turn Right by the Telephone Post, and Follow Signage

Contact Details: (02) 696 3795; (02) 696 3175; πŸ™‚


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