I Love My Bluelist!


Bluelist (verb): to recommend a travel experience 

I got this from one of my favourite bookstores, the Waterstones. I first saw this book in Shakespeare Country (the birthplace of William Shakespeare) last year, and since it was love at first sight, it took me less than a minute to buy it. From then on, I considered this book as one of my best reads (that’s also because I’m born with a huge travel interest – can’t live without getting myself somewhere else.). With so much going on then, I never had the chance to read the whole book in just one sitting, so I always carry my Bluelist wherever I go and whenever I see the chance of having some quiet time for reading. Ergo, this makes my constant travel companion.

Last week, I was going over Lonely Planet’s website and I saw another Bluelist – the newest of its kind – Bluelist 2007!!! This is said to be the latest installment of the best, weirdest, and wildest travel experiences in the wolrd! Can’t wait to buy it too! 🙂


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