I’m so harassaed these days – preparing for my upcoming trip to Cambodia, trying to get in touch with people for mini-reunions, doing an incidental TOEFL research and review, doing daily reports, decoding those funny CNN news compilations, formulating own TOEFL listening questions, and getting them all done while enduring the sobrang init weather!

I haven’t done yoga, wall climbed, and excercised for two weeks now. I haven’t even bothered to take a look at my nails. It’s only now that I’ve noticed that they’re beginning to look ugly. I badly have to visit the nail experts now. Oh, I also need to visit the salon! Grrr…

And what am I still doing now? Trying to find out why the Reading Section of the TOEFL iBT takes between 60 – 100 minutes. Doesn’t ETS have a standard time for this? Does it vary among test takers? I need answers!

Obviously, I’m also whinning… and I can’t be bothered!


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