A Real Selamat Datang!

Part 1 of 8

Selamat Datang is a Malay phrase which means ‘welcome’! The first time I’ve encountered this word was way back in 2002, when I visited Malaysia through SSEAYP. I’ve read a lot about this when I was doing a self-study of the Malay language but then, this and many others were all forgotten after I thought that it would be impossible for me to remember them unless I plan to stay in any Malay country for long.

A very good friend of mine, Steve, and I went to Kuala Lumpur as transients three weeks ago. Our actual destination was Cambodia but since the Philippines has no direct flight to Cambodia, we decided to take the Manila-KL-Phnom Penh route.

I never expected to meet anyone in KL since I thought that most of our Malaysian friends had already gone to Cambodia to attend the SSEAYP International General Assembly in Siem Reap. While doing our itinerary, I even thought of visiting Malacca upon arrival in KL. Later did I know from a friend, that it was impossible for us to go there since it was about three hours away from KL! Talk about not doing my travel research! Haha!

A day before the trip, Steve informed me that Sin, our SSEAYP co-delegate, would meet us but there were no further details. And with so little time in KL (our flight to Phnom Penh was the following day), I thought that it was perfect for me to relax after a hectic week and before heading to another eight hectic days.

We arrived at the the Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 5:30 P.M. Sin instructed us to take the shuttle to KL Sentral where he’d meet us. KL Sentral is the main railway station of KL and the transfer point which links the inter and intra-city lines, and the airport rail service. We took the non-stop journey of Aerobus for RMB 8.00. It was a very comfortable bus ride for a one-hour trip.

We arrived at KL Sentral an hour earlier before Sin arrived, which gave us the time to check out the whole area.

When Sin arrived, we hopped in his car with his planned itinerary in mind: an Indian cuisine dinner, a visit to KLCC, hotel check-in, a Malay cuisine supper (For most Malays, dinner and supper are two different meals. Dinner is taken between 7-8 p.m., while supper is taken just after midnight and before going to bed.), a visit to Little Genting, a tour around the nightlife area, and a taste of a real herbal chinese chicken soup before going back to the comforts of our hotel! If I remember it right, we ended our suppossedly overnight stay just before the sun rose! 🙂

We accomplished Sin’s itinerary to the letter and as if those weren’t enough to make us feel like we’ve overstayed in KL, we squeezed in another dinner, a Chinese cuisine this time, with Sin’s association members and visited Jelan Petaling, KL’s Chinatown, the morning before we proceeded to Phnom Pehn!

What was suppossed to be a transit stay turned out to be a very memorable stay!

(Thanks Sin! 🙂 )

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