10 Things I Did Last Weekend

I went to Subic one weekend after a whirlwind decision (talk about having a Type B+ personality). The place is not as beautiful and as clean as it used to be when it was first made a tourist destination, but it still is a venue where one could get away from the traffic and chaos in the metro (it’s only three hours away) and get in touch with nature.

In fact, the place was packed with people that weekend and almost all hotels were fully booked. I visited Grande Island (there’s not much there) and went around Subic the next day.

There are actually a number of things Subic offers which can make a great weekend get-away. Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari weren’t in my list since I have already visited them a few times. Below are 10 things I did when I was there:

1. Roamed around Grande Island (Swam and Rode the Banana Boat).
2. Watched the beautiful sunset in Camayan and enjoyed their grilled foods.
3. Jet-Skiied.
4. Parasailed.
5. Rode a boat and enjoyed the beautiful view of the bay from the boat.
6. Walked around the Board Walk area.
7. Interacted with the Aetas and bought some items made by them.
8. Visited the Duty Free Shops.
9. Of course, took lots of photos (an interest I could never take away from myself).
10. Thanked God somewhere between the clouds and the waters.

Click here for some photos


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