Doing Things the Thai Way

Part 8 of 8

I had a very good sleep on the last night of our trip. Our dinner-get together with our Thai friends lasted until late in the evening and since I wasn’t well during the morning, I literally dropped dead on my bed after packing up for the following day’s departure.

I have always been a person who values experience and culture more than anything else. When I travel, I always seek out for the culture of the country and the life of the locals. Urban (modern) places are just add-on attractions.

The last leg of our trip brought me a nice surprise. I was actually planning on staying at the hotel that morning since I had been down for the past days but my sore throat and my colds were gone when I woke up. Little did I know that our planned visit to Steve’s Thai host family would let me experience the Thai traditional way of life.

Steve’s Thai family live in one of the riverbanks of Thailand. His host mom doesn’t understand English and speaks only Thai but it was amazing how we got ourselves to understand her expressions and actions. She smiled a lot which made me feel a lot more at home despite the first meeting. Eak was with us, of course, who did a lot of translating.

Steve’s host mom and sister, Pan, fed us with Thai traditional breakfast. One of the dishes, the scrambled egg with some meat and herbs, looked very similar to a Filipino dish.

After breakfast, his mom showed us the Thai’s old way of fishing, which was done right infront of their house. Then we went to visit his host grandmother, who lives in the next house, where we saw loads of lime leaves for sale. These leaves are actually one of the ingredients for Tom Yam and other Thai soup.

His host mom then prepared a boat for us to go around the waterway and see the new man-made lake they’ve got now, which is attached to the river. The lake has a great view and offers a very relaxing. We wanted to stay a little longer but since we still had to go to Chatuchak (JJ) Weekend Market to do some shopping, we bid Steve’s host family goodbye by lunch.

The JJ Market is now more crowded not only with people, but also with stalls. I was able to enjoy my shopping the last time I was there in 2004, but this time, I didn’t. It was really hot that day and there were countless people all over the area. So, we cut our shopping short, met with one of Steve’s friends from Davao, and then proceeded to Eak’s house, where we left our stuff after hotel check-out, to repack our things and have dinner before proceeding to the airport.

Looking back, it was more than a week of meeting people, going places, experiencing life, a little bit of running here and there, and getting sick in between. It was time to go back home and share our stories. I was beginning to miss home though, especially the food and the people (but not much of the city). And with that, we headed to the airport, where we boarded the plane with most people talking the same language as we do. 🙂

(Eak, many thanks for the wonderful memories! 🙂 Mongkol, thanks too for the call! 🙂 )

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