Between Friday and Tomorrow

June is almost over and for the past few days, I felt that I was in a hurricane. I was actually enjoying the first few weeks of the month planning my activities for July when, all of a sudden, I became totally disoriented!

Friday, Early Morning (the longest day of the month) – I got a notice from a program organizer in one of the universities in the U.S., which stated that I was offered a slot in the program which starts on July 2 – exactly 10 days from Friday! The program organizer was quite worried about the visa, but nevertheless, she forwarded me the acceptance and invitation letter. I phoned one of my friends (ever-helpful! 🙂 ) and told him about the early Friday e-mail. He immediately helped me with the visa application and in between work and some Friday errands, I rushed to BPI to pay for the visa forms, e-mailed one of my referees to inform him of the news, called the embassy to confirm visa matters, reviewed, signed, and faxed program papers back to the organizers, and replied to important e-mails about the program. Aside from that, I went to Metrobank to settle my Barclays account, processed my enrollment for a course in UP (thanks to Juc 🙂 ), and replied to some e-mails concerning the visit of one of my SSEAYP brothers from down south, Steve. Of course, there was Hazel’s housewarming at 11 P.M. which finished at around 1 A.M. By that time, my inbox was full again that I had to check my e-mail once more and reply to important posts before I slept.

Saturday – I had my annual medical check-up in the morning at The Medical City and visited my doctor for the reading of the results (thank God, the results were okay). I got a little bit excited when Raph called me and told me that he was in town. I haven’t seen this guy for a while and I thought that maybe we could go to the Intarmuros tour on Sunday together. I went home after with a terrible headache, a result of, maybe, the Friday rush. I slept for two hours and woke up with all those things-to-do in mind: scout for travel ticket, pick-up laundry, clean-up desk, arrange wardrobe, fill out visa forms, check mails, and call home.

Sunday – Ailyn, Hazel, and I went to church in the morning, afterwhich, Ailyn and I visited the salon for some sort-of pampering which lasted until lunch. After lunch, we rushed back home to ready ourselves for our afternoon ‘Manila Day’ walking tour in Intramuros with (again) Ivan Mandy. The tour finished at 5:30 P.M. We were suppossed to grab some coffee in Intramuros first to chill out after the walk but I still had to meet my dear SSEAYP friends, Steve and Daniel. So, I headed to Greenbelt for a dinner with them, squeezing in a little girl talk with Ailyn before leaving home. I learned a lot from the two guys that night (guys do make sense after all! 🙂 ) that I didn’t want to end it, but since I knew that Monday would be another long day for me, I decided to call it a night.

Intramuros Walking Tour

Monday – Again, in between work and Monday errands, I coordinated with the embassy for my interview schedule, went to G4 to have my visa photo taken, and took some time off from my busy schedule for a dinner date. 🙂 I learned that one of my SSEAYP friends is in San Diego right now, one of my grade school friends in L.A., one of my org friends in La Jolla, another one in SanFo, and another one in L.A., which assured me that more or less, the place that I’m going to (if visa were granted) will be very much like home. 🙂

Tuesday – I went to the embassy for the interview and after 4 long hours of waiting, I was interviewed and granted a visa! It was a long wait but I didn’t feel like I’ve wasted time. I met one of my college org-mates in the embassy (she was also scheduled for an interview for an assignment in the U.S.) and got to know a former politician from Negros Occidental. After the most awaited moment, I went home, grabbed some sleep, woke up at 2 P.M., went to work, attended a meeting, and walked home (I badly needed an excercise to keep up with stress and pressure).

Wednesday was less stressful than the previous days, although I had to make several calls to cancel all of the reservations I had made for next month’s activities.

Tomorrow, I’ll be running around a lot but it doesn’t bother me anymore since I’ll be having dinner with Not and Andy, another friend from down south, before she leaves for Maryland. I’m not so worried about packing though because it’s one thing I enjoy before travelling.

What am I loving so far? I’m loving the feeling of being able to accomplish so many things in a short span of time, the feeling of being with friends, and the feeling of being special and loved with the numerous help that came my way (even without asking for them!) 🙂

On the other hand, I am not loving the stress, the pressure, the cancelled activity in CamSur (apologies to Ancie), the cancelled photography seminar, the thought of not being able to go to our college class reunion (apologies to the T4 class of 2001), and the feeling of getting sick now.

All these mean that I might not be able to write for some days and that I might get the time to write again when I am 37,000 feet above the ground…



  1. badoodles said

    good luck pam. you have the world in your hands. enjoy the sites and we’ll see the world with your eyes. your fellow bloggers are just as happy to see you soaring more and more. 🙂

  2. pamalfaro said

    ON BADOODLES: Hey, thanks! 🙂 You keep on writing too… I’ll still be visiting your site wherever I am… 🙂

  3. […] Complex (CWC) was planned way back in July. But then, I had to cancel it since I had to go somewhere else. I was glad that it pushed through last weekend despite a typhoon crossing over with signal number […]

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