First sightings – Geneva Hall (and all the other halls, which are named after continents, regions, and cities), Geisel Library, rabbits, snails, Price Center, boxed-type buildings, Asians and Latin Americans, trailers-turned-apartments, my apartment-mates, thick reading books, and several others.

There’s a fellow named Julio, there’s Miguel from Mexico, Hilda from Costa Rica, Soneath from Cambodia, Carlos from Brazil, Natasha from Argentina, Jennifer and Yang from China, and many others. Of course, there’s Silvi from my hometown, whom I travelled with all the way from the Philippines.

There’s also a bunch of international food at the café – Chinese, Italian, Mexican, American, of course… and desserts ranging from fruits (more fresh strawberries tomorrow! 🙂 ) to assorted ice cream.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we’re going to watch a baseball game (we have to cheer for San Diego Padres, of course!). I have never watched an official baseball game although I’ve played several when I was in grade school for some sort of bonding moments with our class mentor… I’m not so excited to go. But this game is part of the American “culture” and learning the latter quite matters. I’m thinking of soda and popcorn (diet destruction), a baseball cap, and some some shirt. There will be fireworks and lots of walking, which can, hopefully, spell some fun.

I miss adobo, garlic rice, tocino, tsokolate, pan de sal, my family and friends, and him… It’s just the first day and I miss home terribly. It’s weird though, that I consider this the first time I felt nostalgic ever since I began leaving home for foreign visits. 😦 On the other hand, I think this maybe also a result of the jetlag and the stress I’ve been through before I left the country.

Whatever it is, I hope that I’ll be okay soon…

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  1. Thomas said

    hmm~ nostalgia!!

    Am I include that category?

  2. pamalfaro said

    ON THOMAS: Missing you? Of course! I miss you and everyone out there! 😦

  3. […] was my first time in the US and my visit there was not as exciting as my trips to some parts of Asia and Europe. One factor might have been that I was too busy with work, studies, and other things before my […]

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