Will I Be A Good Mom?

Elee and Vinci 🙂

My college friends and I got together yesterday. It was exciting when we were planning (well, Peachy did most of the planning since I was away for the whole month last month – haha!) because we learned that the two mommies in our group are tagging their kids along! 🙂 They’re aged one year and four months old, and nine months old. Both my friends are hands-on moms, ergo, no nannies tagging along too! Haha! It was also a good thing, since we promised to help them look after the kids.

We had lunch at Gloria Maris in Greenbelt 2. It was our first time to be together again (headcount almost complete = missing 2) after Chrize’s wedding last year. Just right after ordering food, one of them started to become restless. Vinci wanted to eat his mom’s Sago’t Gulaman. What was more interesting was that he wanted his mom to put the food into his mouth without any interval. He would let out a loud cry if his mom would stop feeding him, even just for a few seconds. Our little girl, Elee, was pretty quiet and obedient at first but after a while, she became restless too! Haha!

After having lunch, we decided to transfer to Fuzion since it has a wide sofa where we though we could sit comfortably. It took a little time before the kids felt tired and slept. It was only then that we were able to really share updates, discuss about Peachy’s upcoming wedding, and talk about our escapades since we’ve last met. We were quite aware though that we had to share fast because the kids could wake up at any moment.

It was my first time to carry babies again after my niece, Maika, who is now three years old. That only means that I never did carry a baby for two years now! I felt so much pain on my arms last night. It is indeed true that babies can develop muscles.

My friends said that being a mom is really a difficult task. The responsibility is just too big. But at the same time, it is a joy which cannot be measured. I remember their faces yesterday. They both looked a bit tired but really happy.

It was both a fun and stressful get-together, but the latter didn’t really matter, although, it made me do some reality check again. Am I ready? Will I be a good mom when that time comes? 🙂

Mom! Your Friends Rock! Let’s Get Together More Often!

Mom! Catch Me If I Fall, Ayt?!!!

Sleep Some More So Mommy Could Be With Friends… Haha!

Human Weights

Finally… Acting Mommies Meet Babies. Haha!



  1. Peachy said

    hahaha! ang cute ni elee and vinci sa first pic. kakatawa itsura ni vinci sa sobrang higpit yata ng yakap ni elee. naku, more babies to come. hehehe! well, si chrize muna. see you pam! =)

  2. pamalfaro said

    ON PEACHY: Haha! Yup! Sobrang cute nga! 🙂 Don’t forget – FRIDAY!!! 🙂

  3. Chrizzey Crazzziiieeee said

    Hey Pammieee…. Where are the other pics??? Veeetennn huh!!
    Hey diz cumin friday… Borrow your CD copy kei!!??
    Mis ya mga brukiessesesess..
    Hahabol kame ni carlo!!

    See y’ soon! luv ya!

  4. pamalfaro said

    Haha! Chrize! Your message sounded like German (or French?). Had a hard time reading it! Haha!

    See you on Friday! 🙂

  5. Chrizzey crazzziiieeee said

    Oo sobrang nahawa na ata ako sa mga clients ko na European!! Hehe.. Cge!! C ya!

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