My Manila-Beijing Thoughts

Beijing, China: Part 1 of 10 (Some Untold Thoughts) πŸ™‚

I was suppossed to grab some sleep while on the plane to Beijing but then, for some reasons, I couldn’t. After filling out the China entry card, having my meal, and doing some stretching and short walks to the lavatory, I grabbed Mabuhay, PAL’s in-flight magazine, and scanned the articles. The magazine’s main story, Women On Top, was a bit catchy. On its cover are the first Filipina and Southeast Asian women who climbed Mount Everest. I have dreamed of climbling the same mountain (whenever possible) and for a moment, I remembered some people laughing at me everytime I say something about climbing Everest. So, I flipped through the pages and read the article.

These women are only in their late 20s and they seemed to have so much passion during the interview. They talked about having dreams, attaining them, having the right attitude, having new responsibilities that comes with attaining dreams, and fulfilling these responsibilities.

As for these women, they are now being looked up to as role models by many Filipinos. As if the whole article wasn’t enough for me to go on to the next topic, I flipped through more pages and back in search for more photos of the Everest expedition and landed at the Editor’s note, where a photo of the Mabuhay team with the climbers was attached, with some phrase that caught my attention. It caught my attention so much that I had to write it down on the air sickness bag (ha-ha!) and carried it with me…

Read that? πŸ™‚


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