Climbing the Longest Man-Made Structure

Beijing, China: Part 4 of 10

Even Children Climb the Great Wall

For man-made wonders, I saw the Great Wall of China this time after Taj Mahal (India) in 2002 and Angkor Wat (Cambodia) last May. Seeing the Great Wall up, close, and personal was exhilarating. At the same time, seeing it could touch hearts since a lot of lives were risked for the wall to be erected. When I stepped on the Great Wall and saw how far it stretched, I couldn’t stop thinking how it was ever made possible.

Some say that for an asthmatic like me, climbing it could be dangerous to the health. Dangerous or not, I climbed the Great Wall. 🙂 Yes, it was quite difficult for me since I had to stop and check myself several times if I was doing okay and if my lungs hadn’t given up yet.

I don’t know how far I went but I was able to pass by the area which offers bronze certificate for climbing Great Wall… and I got one for myself for RMB 40. 🙂 I also rented a red Chinese costume, took a photo in that costume, and got a paper certificate for RMB 40.

Me and the Great Wall

My Bronze Certificate for Climbing the Great Wall 🙂

Resting In the Middle of the Climb with Reggie, Happy, Mike, and Edwin

Turning Chinese at the Great Wall (Haha!)

We left the Great Wall after lunch and proceeded to a local restaurant for some chow. It was only there that I realized how tiring climbing the wall could be. I didn’t quite enjoy the food during lunch. All I just wanted to do then was rest.

WangFuJing was our next stop after lunch. After paying respect to a Catholic Church (yes, there is a Catholic Church at WangFuJing), doing some shopping, and looking for the best loo there was, I got separated from the group. So, I roamed around WangFuJing alone. I went to WangFuJing mall and checked out the stores there, and then to WangFuJing Square.

WangFuJing – The Most Popular Shopping Street in Beijing

WangFuJing Mall… New and Nice

I spent some time at WangFuJing Square. I love the Traditional Custom and Culture Alley. There are several exotic food and a lot of street food upon entering the Square. After exploring the area, I decided to head to HouHai to do the Hutong-Rickshaw Tour.

But then, just when I was about to take the bus to HouHai, I got a message from my Buddy informing me of the group’s location. So, I cancelled my Hutong-Rickshaw Tour and joined the group.

Traditional Custom and Culture Alley

The Original… Lumpia!

Excotic… Haha! Nope, didn’t eat them… Didn’t have the energy then to be still adventurous on foods. 🙂

Restaurants at WangFuJing Square


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