Manzhouli Matters

Manzhouli, China: Part 6 of 10

The China-ASEAN Young Leaders Meeting was held today at the Diplomacy Hotel. This meeting is a pilot program of the Chinese government, which was agreed upon during the China-ASEAN Summit in October 2006. For this program, a presentation on the roles of youth in the China-ASEAN regions were given to us.

In the afternoon, my group discussed about the situation of the youths in ASEAN and China, volunteerism, and mental health. Mike, my co-delegate, was chosen to present a report of the discussion.

After the meeting, we watched another show, but this time, it was purely Russian – a Russian ballet! The performance was really nice – emotions were neatly projected and the whole show wasn’t as dragging as the previous night’s.

Then, we went to the Russian Art Museum located in Taowa Square, also known as Matryoshka Square. The museum houses almost a hundred Russian and European oil paintings and some Russian sculptures.

Taowa Square also houses the world’s largest matryoshka doll, which measures up to 30.8 meters high. Around it are 8 functional dolls and 200 small matryoshkas, some of which show the faces of famous people from all over the world. Matryoshka dolls are sets of dolls of decreasing size, where the smaller ones get to fit into the bigger ones.

At the Russian Art Museum (Taowa Square)

With the World’s Largest Matryoshka

With One of the Sexy Matryoshkas 🙂

More Matryoshkas – Only in Manzhouli! 🙂


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