Manzhouli: Charming City of China

Manzhouli: More Charming At Night

Beijing and Manjouli, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China: Part 5 of 10

Almost all of us woke up tired after a night of meeting and practice for the cultural night in Manzhouli. We left Tiantan hotel at 5:30 A.M. and proceeded to Beijing’s domestic airport. After check-in, we took a shuttle to board the Shan Xi plane.

It took us 2 hours to get to Manzhouli from Beijing. Since we took a domestic flight, the plane couldn’t fly in a straight line from Beijing to Manzhouli. It had to make a little horizontal U shape to avoid the skies of Mongolia.

Where and what is Manzhouli? The name Manzhouli (pronounced as Man-jou-li) came from a Russian name Manchzhuriya. It is a border city in the Inner Mongolian Region of China. Russia sits on its north and Mongolia, on its west. It is said to be the Charming City of China with the busiest land port of entry in the country.

Upon arriving in Manzhouli, we were brought to the Grand Manzhouli Hotel for check-in. From the airport, we passed by the Russian Taowa Square (where 30 Russian easter eggs and more than 200 Russian dolls sit), the Russian Museum of Art, the Eastern Europe Style Sculpture-Garden, and some more Russian architecture-influenced buildings.

The Charming City of China: Manzhouli

The Grand Manzhouli Hotel is obviously a very new hotel. The exit areas of the hotel are still under construction. Just right outside the hotel are the city’s walking and shopping streets. There are several new, unoccupied, colorful Russian-style flats and some more buildings and architecture, which are under construction. People speak both in Russian and Chinese and the signs all over are also in both languages. The currencies used are from both countries too. Some of the people still looked Chinese, but most of them were a cross between Chinese and Russians. There were a few locals who looked a lot like the Mongolians. It was quite weird but it almost felt like a different country… yes, it almost felt like Russia! 🙂

The weather was surprisingly hot when we arrived in Manzhouli. We expected a somehow cooler temperature than Beijing since the city is located way up north, but for some reasons, it was too warm for us that we had to request for fans in our rooms to help out in the ventilation. Oh, yes… our rooms were all naturally ventilated. Haha!

Loren and I got one of the best rooms in the hotel. Since it was a corner room, aside from being spacious, the room had the best views from the two sides of the hotel. In the evening, the lights from our windows were just as magnificent!

The View from Manzhouli Grand Hotel (Photo by Reggie) 🙂

That afternoon, we went to listen to the Mayor of Manzhouli City, as he outlined the programs and developments of the city. Then we proceeded to Diplomacy Hotel (this hotel is also under construction too), where we had our welcome dinner and where we first witnessed a Chinese-Mongolian-Russian cultural show.

I thought that the welcome dinner was the last activity for the night but then we were brought to an open air concert of some popular Chinese singers and Russian dancers. The Government of Manzhouli made it a point to reserve special seats for us. We were treated like VIPs. But, by that time, I was too tired to watch the concert that I literally dozed off. I woke up just in time to watch the fireworks display, which of course signified that the concert had already ended. He-he. 🙂

The Philippine Delegation at Beijing Domestic Airport 

Plane to Manzhouli (Photo by Mike) 

Underground Shopping Stalls in Manzhouli

Building Them the Russian Way



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  2. G Deen said

    i will always miss the time in Manzhouli because i think this is where everybody got to know each other better especially between the Brunei Delegates and the Philippines Delegates. we were assigned to rooms on the same floor along with the Indonesia Delegates. and so were the Malaysia Delegates, right? i still remember that noodle party we had in the hallway. our floor was probably filled with the most fun loving and happy people hehehe! Manzhouli is certainly a place i will never forget. missing you guys!

  3. pamalfaro said

    On G DEEN: Wow, Deeny. You still remember all those huh? Of course I remember you and the noodle party (and those who joined) but then I was sick that night that I had to cut those fun moments short. 😦 I hope to see you again (maybe here or in Brunei) and get that party going once more. 🙂 Missing you too.

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