Last Day in Beijing

Beijing, China: Part 10 of 10

Nine days in both Beijing and Manzhouli were not enough (definitely!). Beijing alone is too big for a few days visit. It was our departure day yesterday, but those who flew with Philippine Airlines still managed to squeeze in an activity in the morning. We woke up very early and walked to the Temple of Heaven, which is a block away from our hotel.

The Temple of Heaven was constructed in the 1400s by the same Yongle Emperor who constructed the Forbidden City. This Taoist temple is the place where the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors went for their annual ceremonies of prayer for good harvest.

We paid 15 yuan as entrance fee to the temple park. A lot of old Chinese people walk to the temple park in the morning to do their exercises. I really commend the Chinese government for giving these old people a place for morning strolls and exercises! They made it a point to cater to the needs of these old people even in the middle of the city!

It was funny how we tried to lift ourselves through those exercise bars but we couldn’t while those Chinese who are in their 50s could still perform some acrobatic moves!

Some Greens In The Middle Of The City

Since we had to head back to the hotel after an hour and the temple itself opens at 8:30 A.M., we decided not to go in the temple. It may require us another hour or two to fully explore the entire area, which was impossible.

I am glad to be back home safe. I just experienced the worst turbulence in my entire travel life – it felt like crashing so I took shots of scotch while it was happening. Haha!

I hope to be back in Beijing again soon! 🙂

(Big thanks to All-China Youth Federation for the wonderful experience!)

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With Reg, Happy, and Edwin (One Memorable Travel Experience!)


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