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Why Are Pockets Significant?

I was tagged by Happy last week (hangover of the Sino-Russian Border Tour? Haha!)! She came across this Russian site called Face Your Pockets which display pictures of people showing the stuff in their pockets.

So, I emptied my bag and trouser pockets onto the scanner, pressed my face flat on the scanner as well, and hit the scan button! This is really a cool idea! I just love the way the images come out! As I was doing this, I got to realize how significant pockets are!

Let’s see what are occupying my bag pockets for the last three days and my trouser pockets today…

Check out other Face Your Pocket stuff here.


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Weekend Munches

I munched, munched, and munched for the last two weekends. So where have I savored food so far?

(1) Hotel Sofitel’s SPIRAL – One of the most elegant and fashionable buffet restaurants in the country offering international cuisine with indoor and outdoor set-up.

*** I had a pig-out session in Spirals – Japanese soup, salads, bread and dips, pasta, pizza, dumplings, paella, pita, more veggies, and dessert!

The Chef’s Pasta Creation

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An Afternoon at Sonya’s

My SSEAYP batchmates (Not, Dep, Ivan, and Pia) and I got together this afternoon with our Japanese SSEAYP batchmate, Noby. Since Noby visited Mt. Arayat in Pampanga yesterday together with Ivan, we decided to bring him somehwere in the south this time. So, we drove to Tagaytay! 🙂

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