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Celebrate Life With World Vision!

World Vision Philippines
(in partnership with NNV Enterprise)
will be hosting its
50th Anniversary Benefit Concert
on November 24, 2007
at PICC Plenary Hall

Let’s CELEBRATE LIFE with them!


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Global Pinoy Bazaar


October 21, 2007 – Rockwell Tent

December 15 – 17, 2007 – Glorietta Tent


Yabang Pinoy —an advocacy fast-becoming legendary for its unyielding support and campaign to raise consciousness and amplify Filipino people’s philosophy and pride through a piece of braided abaca band among other creations—

in its budding emergence, now holds a tie that day by day binds one and every Filipino.

And this cool Pinoy revolution doesn’t just stop there. On October 21, the campaign for Pinoy pride goes to a brand new level with Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City—

a one-day fair that brings together both on-the-rise and professional Filipino entrepreneurs who have globally competitive Pinoy products to exhibit.

Living up to the organization’s mission, the bazaar aims to assemble original products—made by Filipinos for Filipinos—

that not only further promotes our God-given craftsmanship but also unites Filipinos to build a SUPPORT & BUY PINOY advocacy.

Kita kits! 🙂

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My Stamp Collection

While I was in Zamboanga, my sister handed me a few of my very old (Old! 🙂 ) things which she may have found in one of the boxes. When I saw a pink hardbound book that went with the rest of the stuff, I became really excited! I knew right away that it was the album of my stamp collection – and that was a collection made way back in grade school! I never expected to still find things which I thought were already gone! 🙂

As I flipped through the pages, I can’t help but look for the stamps which came from the countries that I have already been too. Memories like stamp trading with classmates after class and writing to a pen-pal from abroad (it all started from an English writing class!) came flashing back to me. The gauge of stamp trading then was the physical appearance (old to new stamps was a no-no) and the country (Philippines to Philippines, US to US, other countries to other countries). I couldn’t really recall why US seemed so special back then. Most of my classmates wouldn’t trade their US stamps unless they had one more of the same kind. The rest of the countries didn’t really matter.

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Que Hiciste En Zamboanga?

It’s nice to be back in Manila (after a safe and smooth flight) but at the same time, it was sad to leave home, especially family and friends. A lot of people asked me what I did in Zamboanga. (Que Hiciste En Zamboanga?) Well, I had a packed schedule upon arriving home.

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The Cycle of Life

Today is my last day in Zamboanga. I’m flying back to Manila tomorrow. Looking back, in my 10-day stay in my hometown, I witnessed a full cycle of human life and it was overwhelming to see them all from my friends – from pregnancy to death.

** PREGNANCY: Jenny had her baby shower a day before I left the city. Jenny was a grade school and a high school classmate. She’ll be giving birth to a baby girl early next year! 🙂

** BIRTH: One of my closest high school friends, Cheng, gave birth to a baby boy! 🙂

** BIRTHDAY: My best friend, Ailyn, celebrated her 28th birthday.

** WEDDING: Another close friend and former dormmate, Pauline, got married.

** DEATH: A grade school classmate, Andres, passed away 😦

I didn’t anticipate all of them to happen though. I purposely came home to attend Pauline’s wedding and Ailyn’s birthday, to celebrate Fiesta Pilar, and of course, to visit family and friends. But life is full of surprises, they say. They could be nice surprises, and they could also be sad surprises. I am glad though, that most of them turned out to be nicer than expected. 🙂

Congratulations to Cheng and Christian, Jenny and Sherwin, and Pauline and Jet! 🙂

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Another One Walks Down The Aisle

Pauline and Jet During the Reception at Astoria Regency (Photo By Mel Cotez)The Wedding

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And South We Went…

The trip to CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) was planned way back in July. But then, I had to cancel it since I had to go somewhere else. 🙂 I was glad that it pushed through last weekend despite a signal number 2 typhoon crossing over.

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