And South We Went…

The trip to CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) was planned way back in July. But then, I had to cancel it since I had to go somewhere else. 🙂 I was glad that it pushed through last weekend despite a signal number 2 typhoon crossing over.

We took the lazy boy seats of Isarog Bus Lines at PhP 700. I actually booked for the lazy boy extreme at PhP 950, which has fully-reclinable seats, but when I went to purchase the ticket, I found out that the counter guy took the wrong reservation details! So we were left with no extreme seats for our planned departure day!

Anyways, the travel from Manila to Naga wasn’t as good as I had expected. Along the way, there were a number of road constructions, so we had to make do with one lane roads. Some roads also have fissures, thereby not providing us with a very smooth ride and a good night’s rest.

But thanks to my Bicolano friend, Ancie (who arranged accommodation and transfers for us), all the hassles stopped after we arrived in Naga City’s bus terminal on Saturday morning. We were picked up at the airport by CWC’s van and were brought straight to the trailers.

CWC Trailers – Homey and Convenient

We were actually excited about the trailers since we don’t get to see them in the metro. So, we had our first night at the trailer, and our second night at the cabana. These accommodations are, I think, the most convenient accommodations for CWC visitors since they are within walking distance to the complex.

Since we decided that we wouldn’t do much on this trip except for some boarding and a little bit of nature-tripping, we took the first day leisurely. We just spent some time strolling around and watching those expert wake boarders do exhibitions. I think the only Bicolano thing that I did that day was to eat Bicol Express, Laing, and CWC’s house specialty – the Bicolano Pizza! 🙂

Bicol Express is a local delicacy made of chopped green pepper sautéed in chopped meat and tiny shrimps or alamang and boiled in coconut oil, while Laing is another Bicolano dish made with dried gabi (taro) leaves stewed in coconut milk. Coconut is a common ingredient in Bicolano dishes.

The Bicolano Pizza is a mixture of Laing and Bicol Express. It was actually my first time to try a local specialty pizza (I heard from friends that there are also Ilocano and Pampangueño Pizzas) and it was good!

We planned to go to Caramoan Peninsula the following day but due to the reported typhoon, the coast guards weren’t so sure if it was safe to make a boat trip to the islands. So, we opted to rent a van for PhP 2000 to visit the Deer Farm in Ocampo, Consocep, and Naga City.

It was fun to be with the deer. I have never seen a flock of deer before – the ones that I had seen were only one or two which were kept in the zoos.

With Chickoy, The Tourist-Friendly Deer 🙂

These deer were brought all the way from Australia! The farm started in 1996 with only 60 deer of five different species (Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Red Deer, and Elk) and currently it is five times the original size! They even have a Philippine Deer now!

Our next stop was Consocep, which is a mountain resort with paved walkways. The walkways, although a bit slippery, made it easier for us to get to the different areas of Consocep. The entrance is a minimal PhP 15. We hired a guide for PhP 100 who brought us to Tumagithi, Kawa-Kawa, and Bulalakaw Falls.

Consocep Mountain Resort

Tumagithi Falls – Really Nice

Kawa-Kawa Falls

After Consocep, we headed down to Naga City. The driver recommended us to try Geewan’s for lunch. The restaurant is loaded with Bicolano specialties. We then had short visits to Naga Cathedral, Peñafrancia Basilica Minore, and the Naga City Public Market for souvenirs.

Our water sports activity started at 6 in the evening after some rest from the day trip. I was a beginner so they taught me knee boarding first. For those who haven’t experienced CWC yet, I tell you, I had so much fun on my first few attempts! I fell several times!!! 🙂 My arm and back muscles were sore the following day.

Me During the Knee Boarding. Fun! Fun! Fun! 😀

But I wasn’t convinced with the way I did the night before, so, even with sore muscles, I still did knee boarding on our last day and was glad to do some complete turns. I was tempted to do wakeboarding and waterskiing but I was left with no energy! Haha! I am definite to go back anyway, so I left it at that.

Our supposedly relaxed get-away turned out to be some really tiring trip. It didn’t matter though, I am just glad that I was able to check out this world class water sports complex and really enjoyed. This was one local place I went where I met a bunch of foreign tourists having a blast too!


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  1. Terry said

    Great shots. I like your photos.

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