My Stamp Collection

While I was in Zamboanga, my sister handed me a few of my very old (Old! šŸ™‚ ) things which she may have found in one of the boxes. When I saw a pink hardbound book that went with the rest of the stuff, I became really excited! I knew right away that it was the album of my stamp collection – and that was a collection made way back in grade school! I never expected to still find things which I thought were already gone! šŸ™‚

As I flipped through the pages, I can’t help but look for the stamps which came from the countries that I have already been too. Memories like stamp trading with classmates after class and writing to a pen-pal from abroad (it all started from an English writing class!) came flashing back to me. The gauge of stamp trading then was the physical appearance (old to new stamps was a no-no) and the country (Philippines to Philippines, US to US, other countries to other countries). I couldn’t really recall why US seemed so special back then. Most of my classmates wouldn’t trade their US stamps unless they had one more of the same kind. The rest of the countries didn’t really matter.

As I flipped through more pages, I realized that I did place all the Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN) together! I might have not realized it back then, but I think I could have already been inclined to ASEAN (….:SSEAYP mode:… šŸ˜› )! Haha!

I saw a lot of interesting stamps, some of which are posted below: šŸ™‚

Lapu-Lapu – One of the Heroes of the Battle of Mactan

Commonwealth Era – United States of America, Philippine Islands

“The Filipino Is Worth Dying For…”

The Presidents (Can You Identify Them?)

National Sport – Sipa

Long Live San Miguel Beer!

Beautifully Designed Philippine Stamps

More Philippine Stamps

Southeast Asian Countries

Other Countries (Cats Are Great Models!)

I Used to Love Grenada Stamps Because They Had Disney! šŸ™‚



  1. Antonette said

    Hey, Pam! I still have my stamp albums back in the Philippines, too! They are well-kept ’til these days…. By the way, looking at you pictures makes me miss the Philippines….

  2. pamalfaro said

    ON ANTONETTE: Tung! Come home soon! šŸ™‚ Missing you…

  3. chay said

    tsk.. tsk… mine got lost. almost half of the original collection when we transferred… grr..but i’m still happy that most of the “oldies” are still intact… missed that trading stuff… and the POCKETBOOKS!!! sweet valley twins… high… and college? hihihi

  4. bumibili u rin b ng old stamps?meron kc aq bka gusto bilhin?reply asap.tanx

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