Going Underwater One More Time

Part 3 of 3

I am naturally a water lover – no, I’m not a swimmer (thank God at least Ailyn knows water rescue techniques – I asked her a number of times if she could save me in case there were water accidents), but I love the calming and relaxing feeling whenever I visit beaches or merely just whenever I hear the sound of waves.

On our third day, we braved the waters as we went down the barge and did the sea walking tour for about 30 minutes. Sea walking is one of the newest water activities in Boracay. The one who established the sea walking tour in the area said that they have been around for the last three years only.

Sea walking allows water enthusiasts to walk the seabed (sand-filled seabed in the case of Boracay), watch schools of fishes go by, and hold the corals, with just a 25-kilo-underwater helmet (1 kilo when underwater) like the ones of the astronauts. There’s no need to carry an oxygen tank.

The briefing was short and simple. We were just taught on how to equalize breathing (underwater pressure is oh so different, but if you’re used to air travel, then it becomes very normal), what to do underwater, and the different hand gestures since with the helmet, we were not able to hear one another. We were also given bread to feed the fish. We didn’t bring along an underwater camera (there’s one for sale on the barge but it was too expensive). Good thing we were with two other sea walkers, Limuel and Nancy, who were kind enough to share photos with us. 🙂 (Thanks guys! Photos to follow.)

Of course, we didn’t miss enjoying the powder, white sand beach of Boracay and swimming in its clear, warm water before doing the sea walking tour. Station 1 offers the best venue for swimming and lazying around. We also didn’t miss the famous grotto on Willy’s Rock along Station 1. And as if a huge glass of milkshake wasn’t enough during our first night, we once again visited Jonah’s for another round of fruit shake. 🙂

(Photo from Ailyn)

(Photo from Ailyn)

The Grotto at Willy’s Rock

Banana Vanilla and Mocha Rum Shake

Sand Castle in the Morning

We were brought back to Station 1 via speed boat after our underwater adventure. Then we were guided by Atis (who offered us really good deal for the sea walking tour) to the meeting place for our next great outdoor activity – the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tour or the off-road tour! (Note: Don’t ride tricycles which are parked along the road waiting for passengers. They’re all far more expensive than the ones passing by and collecting passengers… Can cost up to PhP 100.00 for a 10 minute ride! The regular fare would PhP 10.00 per person.)

The ATV tour is one way to explore Boracay’s interiors and mountainous area using open motorized vehicles. We rented the ATV for PhP 500 for an hour. With a guide and two other tourists, we went up to Mount Luho, a mountain which offers a scenic view of the whole Boracay Island and the islands nearby – Caticlan, Romblon, and Palawan.

ATV Tour to Mount Luho (Photo from Ailyn)

View from Mount Luho

We wanted to see the sunset once again so we went back to the shores of Boracay and swam until sundown. After which, we walked to the hotel for a quick change for dinner. After dinner, we visited D’Mall again but then, we were too tired to move around so we decided to go back to the hotel to grab some rest. But what we thought was rest turned out to be a full, deep sleep.

We woke up the following day just in time for sunrise. It was our scheduled flight back to Manila. So we were assisted once again by the staff of Villa Simprosa on our transfer to Caticlan.

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  2. chay diaz said

    wow… someday somehow, i will go to boracay… heehee

  3. […] Related Posts: (1) After Sundown in Boracay (2) Going Underwater One More Time […]

  4. pamalfaro said

    ON CHAY DIAZ: I’m sure you will! 🙂 There’ll be Cebu Pacific flights from Cebu to Caticlan by Feb/March next year so you won’t have to go to Manila to get to Boracay. You can go straight to Cebu! Cheaper! 🙂

  5. lisa said

    good day, i’am lisa from N.I.S.- reefwalker diving helmet… thanks for the space ha. I want to send you a copy of our guest pictures while are they walking under the seabed. thanks lisa. If you have questions, pls call me…09208720460 or 09285066670

  6. pamalfaro said

    ON LISA: Our photos of seawalking are still with our friends. Haven’t been able to see them since our Bora days. Hoping to post our photos while walking on the seabed soon… 🙂 Thanks for viewing Lisa! 🙂

  7. […] Source: https://pamelaalfaro.wordpress.com/2007/11/05/going-underwater-one-more-time/ […]

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