After Sundown in Boracay

Part 1 of 3

Boracay’s Sand Castle at Night

We’re finally back in Manila after a 3-night, 4-day trip to one of Visayas’s island paradise, Boracay. It was a long weekend after all, so our minds were totally free from work-related matters and deadlines.

As it was an exclusive bonding moment for Ailyn and me, we had an easier and stress-free planning since we didn’t have to consult a lot of people. Aside from that, we didn’t have problems on what to do and where to go since we could go with ‘just anything’.

This was actually my third time to visit Boracay, but this was my first time to totally enjoy it. My first two visits were purely work-related, ergo, I didn’t really get to see what has to be seen.

We took Cebu Pacific’s seat sale to and from Kalibo, Aklan. I rode Cebu Pacific planes a number of times this year (including a flight from Bangkok last summer) but I was glad to experience riding in their new plane on the way to Kalibo. It was so new that the aisle was still covered with some kind of a plastic!

The flight was a bit delayed so we arrived in Kalibo at almost sunset. We were pre-booked at Villa Simprosa at only PhP 500 per head per night (really cheap!), so we were met with people from the villa, who nicely led us to the van. We decided not to spend much on accommodation since we knew that we would be out most of the time – and we were! We only got to see our beds at midnight and whenever we got the chance to change clothes after trying out the water activities.

It was an hour and a half drive from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal where we boarded the boat to Boracay Boat Terminal. There wasn’t much to see along the way since at only 6 P.M., it was as dark as 9 P.M. in Manila. We were in Kalibo on November 1 and it was interesting to find out that Aklanons light candles outside their homes in commemoration of All Saints’ Day. We were surprised at first why they had candles with the lights on until we realized that those were for the dead.

We paid Villa Simprosa PhP 650 for the round-trip transfers so we didn’t get to worry about where to go next. Moreso, we didn’t get to worry about carrying our bags! If we didn’t avail of the package transfers, then we would have paid for the regular transfer fees which are: Van from Kalibo to Caticlan – PhP 150, Boat Terminal – PhP 19.50, and Terminal Fee for Non-Aklan Residents – PhP 20.00. These are all one-way. Since the prices varied for transfers to hotels from Boracay’s Boat Terminal, we thought that paying PhP 650 was more convenient. After all, the difference wasn’t that much.

Our hotel was located between Stations 1 and 2, so after check-in, we decided to check out the bars and restaurants in Stations 2 and 3. We grabbed a quick dinner at some local place, and walked back to Station 2 and then down to Station 1.

Souvenir Boats For Sale Along Station 2

Upon reaching Friday’s, an upscale hotel at Station 1, it began to rain a bit so we went to Coco Mangas and ordered the popular 15 shooters. They have this list of 15 drinks challenging the customers that if they are still standing after the 15th drink, then they will win a Coco Mangas Shirt and will have their names engraved on Boracay’s Wall of Fame!

Coco Mangas 15 Shooters Menu

I am an occasional drinker but I always know what I do whenever I get to drink hard. For PhP 1,008, Ailyn and I shared the challenge. And it wasn’t a surprise that we got the shirt and had our names engraved on the wall. Haha! 🙂

We were definitely still standing after the challenge that we were able to WALK back to our hotel, stopping by at Jonah’s Fruitshake and Restaurant for their famous Banana Choco Peanut Shake!

The 15 Shooters… Looks Good! 🙂

First Shot

Three More…

And We’re Definitely Still Standing!

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  1. Wow! That looks really fun. Don’t forget to bring me there when I’m in the Philippines.

  2. pamalfaro said

    ON MONGKOL: There’s more to this. Wait for my second post. You’ll love Boracay, I’m sure! 🙂

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  5. niki said

    hi! we were offered a package worth 7,200++ that including rt airfare, transfers and accomodation at the same resort (villa simprosa) for May-June. I read your blog and the resort sounded promising. I just want an opinion if your package was worth or near worth the same as ours, since this will be our first time to visit ..and what else did your package include? (like breakfast or welcome drinks) and was the room airconditioned? thanks 🙂

  6. pamalfaro said

    On NIKI: We didn’t really avail of the package from Villa Simprosa. We only paid for the accommodation (1,000 for two) and the airport/ferry transfers (650 for two). The rest, we availed them separately. If you want a clean, decent place to stay, Villa Simprosa is okay. The room that we had was air-conditioned.

    If you’re a first timer in Boracay, I’m sure you would want to be out most of the time exploring the island and not just stay in the hotel. It would then be wiser to get cheaper accommodations like Villa Simprosa.

    Cebu Pacific and PAL now offers really cheap domestic airfare. I think you could save a lot by booking them separately.

    Check if the package includes other activities. If not, then it’s quite expensive.

  7. arlene said

    Hi. Thanks for the info. I just want to ask if you have a contact no. or the website of Villa Simprosa because my hubby and I are planning to go there this July or August. I want to to book the flight and the hotel separately. I know cheap flights but the hotel, I don’t have any idea yet. If you can email me back about Villa Simprosa, I will really appreciate it. Thanks and Godbless…

  8. lizel said

    hi du you have any contact number of villa simprosa? Thanks in advance..

  9. John said

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