Getting To Know The Islands

Part 2 of 3

Our second day in Boracay was packed with all sorts of activities – water sports, sailing, malling…

Boracay Waters – Best for Snorkeling, Diving, and Sea Walking

We started out our day with an island hopping tour at PhP 600 inclusive of snorkeling at Crocodile Island, buffet lunch, and visits to Crystal Cave and Puka Beach. We were told to be at a booth in Station 2 at 10 A.M. It was a group tour and since we went a bit early, we waited for the group at English Bakery and Tea House, where we took our not-so English breakfast. Haha!

Boracay Souvenir Map – For Sale at PhP 100 at English Bakery and Tea House

Boracay Regency – One of the Upscale Hotels Along Station 2

We boarded a boat together with around 15 people and proceeded to Crocodile Island for our snorkeling experience. Crocodile Island is listed as one of the top ten dive sites in the country by Scuba Dive Philippines. There was a PhP 20 additional fee for snorkeling in the area. They said that it was for maintenance. It was actually exciting to see schools of fish and variety of corals underneath.

Before Island Hopping

Passing By Boracay Boat Terminal

We had our buffet lunch in another island nearby after snorkeling at Crocodile Island. There wasn’t much to see in the island we went to. It was merely another beach with sand not as fine as the White Beach’s.

After lunch, we headed to Crystal Cove, which is at Laurel Island – an island at the southern end of Boracay. We visited two small caves and roamed around the mountainous area, overlooking some of the other small islands.

(Photo from Ailyn)

Laurel Island – Crystal Cove

One of Crystal Cove’s Viewpoints (Photo from Ailyn)

Aklan Boys Asking For Coins For Exhibition Dives

After going around the area and taking a short dip at the mouth of the cave, we proceeded to Puka Beach which was around 30 – 40 minutes from Laurel Island. Puka Beach is home to puka shells which are usually made into bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rosaries, and table and wall decorations.

We finished our island hopping tour just in time for our scheduled paraw sunset sail. Paraw is a native sailboat used mostly by locals. It has a net covering a strip on opposite sides, where passengers can sit during the sail. It can accommodate a total of 5 passengers on each end. We took the paraw sail for PhP 600 for the whole boat which lasted for an hour. It was really calming to do paraw sailing during sunset when one can see the changing of colors of the sky and the color reflections in the waters.

Paraw Sunset Sail (Photo by Ailyn)

I Took This During Our Paraw Sail 🙂

After the sail, we were dropped off at Station 1, right in front of Havaianas booth. The Havaianas salesperson said that some of the designs are sold only in Boracay. The designs looked familiar to me so I decided not to dwell much on them.

We went back to the hotel, took a quick shower, and got ready for dinner. It was only 6:30 when we finished getting ready for the night, so we thought of going around D’Mall. It is a beach setting of a mall with white sand as walkways. Boracay souvenir items and beach wears are widely sold here. D’Avenue is a cemented area of D’Mall where more expensive items are sold.

D’Avenue – Home of Souvenir Items and Beach Wears

After looking around (and deciding not to buy anything – haha!), we headed to D’Plaza where we had a Filipino and German dinner at The Hobbit House. I didn’t really enjoy my dinner that night because my mobile phone was starting to act crazy which caused my sim to be blocked. Right after dinner, we went to Smart Wireless Center (yes, they have Smart and Globe centers there), but unfortunately, it was closed. 😥

We decided to stop by Patio Pacific where there were hena tatoo and hair braid services. I got myself a tattoo in Chinese characters which spells the name LOVE, while Ailyn got herself a sun tattoo. Then I had my hair braided – which made me looked like an afro. Note: Braided hair plus the burned color which I got from island hopping. Haha! I liked it though since being an adventurous person, I like to look different from my everyday style. We were lucky enough to watch a poi spinning (zip) just right in front of us while having my hair braided.

Good For Two Weeks… Hmmm. Let’s See…

(Zips) Poi Spinning… A Closer Look (Photo by Ailyn)

We felt a bit tired after the braid so we made a quick stop at Pat’s CreekBar and grabbed a few drinks. We had a room service massage afterwards but it wasn’t really a great experience for me – it was supposed to be an hour and 20 minute massage but I was given only an hour worth of it. And so, I didn’t pay right. 👿

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  3. Lemuel Palanca Honor said

    Hi Pam!

    I really like the cronology of events that you mentioned above. It is so impressive. You are so gorgeous with your pic while you are inside the boat with Ailyn before island hopping.

    Now i know you really love to swim especially a beach like Boracay… Hope to see you someday in Palawan, Calicoan Samar, or Bohol…

    Tell Ailyn she is a very good photographer because her shots were all brilliant.

    Hope to see you next week before my departure in Malaysia and Singapore on December 01-05, 07.

    Thanks and God Bless..


  4. pamalfaro said

    ON LPH: Hi Lemuel!

    Thanks for the visit. Had fun seawalking with you and Nancy. 🙂 Let us know when you’re around! See you soon! 🙂

  5. Ia Dy Buco said

    Hello… nice pictures you have here. Can I use a few for the you tube of my Mom’s song “Islanders Of Boracay”? You know what? You’re so pretty.

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