Everyday, Another Door!

My Favourite Closer Than Ever Scene (Photo by Joel Reyes)

Another door has just closed for the Trumpets MT Adults Summer Batch 2008. We have successfully showcased our singing, dancing, and acting skills (naks! Haha!) through our musical theater show CLOSER THAN EVER last Saturday! Ang saya saya!!! 🙂

It was indeed one of those nights to remember. 🙂

I have longed to be a part of a musical show and now that it was realized, I wonder what door is ready to open next! I’m sure that in the meantime, it’s back to work, business, and some travels. But I know that there’s something bigger than this! I’ll definitely keep you posted! 🙂

Here are some of the photos taken during and after the show. Big thanks to Joel Reyes for the really nice photos! Enjoy viewing!

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  3. Ann said

    hi pam!!! great site!!! miss ya sweetie..

  4. Averyl Marie Orejola said

    Wow! So you are in the theater career as well! That’s nice, kakainggit, hehehe

  5. pamalfaro said

    @ANN: Thanks Ann! See you on Sat! 🙂 Missing you and everyone else too… 😦

    @AVERYL: Hey Avs! Not a career. Ang tawag dito – walang magawa sa buhay! Haha! I just attended a workshop on musical theater and this was like the showcase that we had to present after all those things that we did on the workshop… and it was just for this summer. But it was fun though. Learned a lot of things. Gained new superb friends… 🙂 Mag-theater ka na rin diyan! 🙂

  6. […] is also available in Manila and which I had almost everyday when I was having rehearsals with Trumpets in Podium – but it’s actually a great experience eating those tarts in the place where it was […]

  7. r@ph said

    whoa?! hidden talent?

    wish i could be there to see the show pam! nuay man tu se man cuento comigo? why man? 😛


    hope everything’s great over there.. con cuidao pirmi! 🙂

  8. pamalfaro said

    @R@PH: KR!!! Hidden ba ese? Hehe. Des de antes pa ese nu. Haha! 🙂 Na, you were in a hurry man to leave last time. So nway mas ya yo pwede habla. 🙂

    I wish you can spend more time here when you come back so we can go somewhere out of Manila. 🙂 Con cuidao tambien alli. 🙂

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