Outstanding Beijing Olympics Ceremonies

<08-08-08> 8:00 P.M. (Photo Credit: Getty Images – Beijing 2008 Website)Olympics 11 by you.

Ailyn and I watched the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies tonight at the National Sports Grill where a huge screen with a real time show was set up for people who were very much into this long awaited event. It was amazing to see at how China had come up with such programme with a participation of (I assume) thousands of Chinese to make all the details from the countdown to the lighting of the torch possible.

I haven’t really expected the whole thing to be as grand as it was. When I was in Beijing last year, I personally saw the Beijing National Olympic Stadium, otherwise called as the Bird’s Nest, in the making, and it just looked really huge, and none other.

The Bird’s Nest’s Exterior (Photo Credit: kinabaloo.com)Bird's Nest by you.

But seeing it on a big screen a few hours ago with all the works of the lights and the well-prepared and outstanding performances, I was left in awe. It only proved that the Chinese can really stretch their creativity and innovativeness even farther than the eyes can see.

I can’t even recall how many times we clapped and cheered after an excellent showcase or performance and how many ‘wows’ we’ve said. All I knew was that there was never a dull moment during the opening ceremonies. Well, except for the introduction of the athletes of some 204 countries. But even so, our food and the cheers from the crowd for some of the countries – Yep, NSG was packed with different nationalities! – kept us awake. 🙂

Some of the highlights which I can still replay in my mind are: the countdown (in seconds) to 8P.M., a showcase of the paper-making as one of the four greatest inventions of the Ancient China, the opening of the huge scroll in the center stage where the Chinese performers painted as they danced, the numerous and really beautiful fireworks, the introduction of the Chinese flag carried by the kids in their different distinct Chinese costumes, a showcase of the Great Wall of China and the traditional songs and dances, thousands of people gathered together making an illusion of a flying bird, another batch of people simulating the Bird’s Nest, a showcase of Tai Chi, the Chinese martial arts, Chinese kids painting the center of the huge scroll, a replicate of the space with floating astronauts, a giant structure coming from below which later on turned into a globe, the Olympics logo shown from the center stage which moved up to the sky, the lifting of Li Ning, the final torchbearer, into the air, and lastly, the really impressive way of lighting the cauldron by Li Ning after the introduction of the athletes by country.

What can get more impressive than this? 🙂 Torchbearer by you.

Li Ning was lifted Into the air and ran towards the cauldron to light it.Li Ning 2 by you.

Li Ning by you.

That was really something for the Chinese and I think that all these really made them proud! They just hosted a very remarkable Olympics ceremony.

I’m sure people will soon start uploading videos of the performances during the opening ceremonies, and I just can’t wait to see them again! 🙂

Fireworks Seen from the Inside of the Bird’s NestOlympics 14 by you.

Simulating the Bird’s NestOlympics 4 by you.

A Showcase of the Chinese Cultural Puppet ShowOlympics 13 by you.

Making Use of its Human ResourcesOlympics 8 by you.

A Really Creative ProductionOlympics 12 by you.

A Very Beautiful DanceOlympics 9 by you.

Showing a Bit of its HistoryOlympics 6 by you.

Olympics 7 by you.

Replicating the SpaceOlympics 5 by you.

The Rising of the Globe-Like StructureOlympics 3 by you.

The Passing of the Flame for the Torch LightingOlympics 2 by you.

(Photo Credits For All Photos in this Page Except for the Bird’s Nest Exterior: Getty Images – Beijing 2008 Website)


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