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A Look at Ninoy’s Outstanding Speech in Los Angeles

I can’t help but share this video of Ninoy’s speech in Los Angeles way back when he was in exile. I’ve read a few things about Ninoy and his fight for our country’s freedom and good governance under the Marcos regime but I must admit that I had never covered the entire story about this fight.

This video of 9 parts, tells a lot about the very powerful Marcos during his time (and my time but was too young to understand), Ninoy’s life in prison, the tactics used by Marcos to keep Ninoy away from power, and the call for Marcos to give to the Filipinos what they truly deserve.

Ninoy is indeed a brilliant, witty, articulate, courageous, determined, and most of all, a very sincere politician.

I hope that the generation of today will take time to follow his story and his dreams for the Filipino people. This speech reminds us that we need not take a person’s life away for us to continue fighting for good governance in our country. We can have a good fight in our own little ways. We need not be Ninoy nor his wife, Cory, to free our country from corruption and put the Philippines back in the map with its successful neighboring countries.

Our country is still our country. While othersΒ  may run away from the problems we now face, those who are left behind may continue to dream for a better Philippines and work on making these dreams come true. As what Ninoy had said in his speech as an answer to the question raised on whether he had sought the help or assistance of the Americans in restoring democracy in the Philippines, he said “I believe that IF we, Filipinos, cannot fight for our freedom, we do not deserve it. We should not depend on the Americans, we should depend on ourselves…”

No one can fight for our country except us, Filipinos. Let us not wait for another person’s life to be spared…

Let us start now. πŸ™‚

***Right-click this and click WATCH ON YOU TUBE so you may follow the rest of the other 8 parts.***

Enjoy viewing!


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I stumbled upon this site which grades you on how much of the Philippines you have visited. My Lakbayan grade isn’t that bad but I think I have to start going around the country again. There’s just so many places in the country to visit and still so much to see and experience!!! πŸ™‚

Biyahe na mga kapatid!!! πŸ™‚

My Lakbayan grade is B-!

Click on the image to find out your Lakbayan grade! πŸ™‚

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Weekend Munches

I munched, munched, and munched for the last two weekends. So where have I savored food so far?

(1) Hotel Sofitel’s SPIRAL – One of the most elegant and fashionable buffet restaurants in the country offering international cuisine with indoor and outdoor set-up.

*** I had a pig-out session in Spirals – Japanese soup, salads, bread and dips, pasta, pizza, dumplings, paella, pita, more veggies, and dessert!

The Chef’s Pasta Creation

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Weekend Morning Stroll in Manila

I woke up one morning with the urge to do some photography. No, I’m not a pro and I haven’t taken any lessons in photography yet. What I enjoy about photography is the way this interest makes me smile while looking at beautiful places, and the way it makes me feel excited while searching for people and things to take shots at.

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Munching in the Colourful Streets of Binondo

To make the Lunar New Year more colourful, Ailyn and I decided to treat ourselves to one of Ivan Mandy’s Old Manila Walks – the Big Binondo Food Wok Chinese New Year Special – on Lunar New Year’s day itself!

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Weekend Event: Chinese New Year Celebration

When I was a child, I have witnessed only one way of celebrating the New Year: the Filipino Catholic way – New Year mass, loads of food (with lechon, pansit, and leche flan as the most common foods on the table), New Year greetings, and scores of firecrackers until 2 A.M. When I began exploring the world, moreover, the other side of the world, I witnessed another way of celebrating the New Year: the British way – Auld Lang Syne, liquor until the wee hours of the morning, socials and dances, and a bit of firecrackers.

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Prince of Jaipur: Dining with Royal Treatment

Prince of Jaipur stands out as an authentic Indian restaurant with a great pink ambiance, among the bars and restaurants of Fort Bonifacio’s The Fort Strip . Patterned after Jaipur, the pink city of India which is situated 260 kilometers from New Delhi (capital of India) and 240 kilometers from Agra (home of Taj Mahal), Prince of Jaipur carries an impressive rose-colored wall with a number of paintings of Indian royalties and a ceiling filled with beautiful Indian carpets with intricate designs.

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