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And So, I am Finally Married

Never in my life had I ever imagined myself to be really married to someone. Someone whom I met in the past said to me in passing that I will have a hard time settling down because I was too focused on developing myself and my career, discovering things, and travelling. And so, I though that if marrying to someone was not possible, maybe living in with someone will do. Not being married to someone didn’t really scare me, as all I really wanted was just to have kids of my own sometime when I am older. All these thoughts came to me when I was 26.

My boyfriend that time, who is my husband now, loved me enough to just let me be. I travelled, went with wherever adventure went, made new friends, worked hard, and party harder. I engaged myself in numerous activities and got myself really busy.

Fast-forward 6 years, and 8 years into the relationship with lots of ups and downs, twist and turns, and several times of “trying” to get away from then-bf, I got hitched to the same person who journeyed life with me, who held me in his arms when I was confused and sad and lonely, who celebrated with me when all things seemed right, and who was just there waiting.

How it happened, only God knows. Our path to being one was indeed a hard path, as that someone whom I met in the past said so. I never got to recall who said it to me because only his/her words lingered on my mind.

I knew that being married will be a hard start for me, as I have always enjoyed being independent and has always loved the freedom that I learned to live with. But I guess the love that I have for my now-hubby is even larger than my love for my claimed freedom and independence that I indeed gave them up.

Now, when I wake up each morning with someone beside me, I thank the Lord for trusting me fully in being able to turn my life around, that he sent a lot of people (our blessings) to help us be one.

I could never count those people who asked me when I would get married. And I cannot even recall the answers I gave them.

But there’s just one thing that I am very sure of now – I am finally married. 🙂



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Que Hiciste En Zamboanga?

It’s nice to be back in Manila (after a safe and smooth flight) but at the same time, it was sad to leave home, especially family and friends. A lot of people asked me what I did in Zamboanga. (Que Hiciste En Zamboanga?) Well, I had a packed schedule upon arriving home.

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The Cycle of Life

Today is my last day in Zamboanga. I’m flying back to Manila tomorrow. Looking back, in my 10-day stay in my hometown, I witnessed a full cycle of human life and it was overwhelming to see them all from my friends – from pregnancy to death.

** PREGNANCY: Jenny had her baby shower a day before I left the city. Jenny was a grade school and a high school classmate. She’ll be giving birth to a baby girl early next year! 🙂

** BIRTH: One of my closest high school friends, Cheng, gave birth to a baby boy! 🙂

** BIRTHDAY: My best friend, Ailyn, celebrated her 28th birthday.

** WEDDING: Another close friend and former dormmate, Pauline, got married.

** DEATH: A grade school classmate, Andres, passed away 😦

I didn’t anticipate all of them to happen though. I purposely came home to attend Pauline’s wedding and Ailyn’s birthday, to celebrate Fiesta Pilar, and of course, to visit family and friends. But life is full of surprises, they say. They could be nice surprises, and they could also be sad surprises. I am glad though, that most of them turned out to be nicer than expected. 🙂

Congratulations to Cheng and Christian, Jenny and Sherwin, and Pauline and Jet! 🙂

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Another One Walks Down The Aisle

Pauline and Jet During the Reception at Astoria Regency (Photo By Mel Cotez)The Wedding

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