Thank You! :-)

I just celebrated my 28th birthday and by looking at where I am right now, I just can’t help but thank the Lord for giving me countless blessings, and even countless trials. They all molded me to be the person I am now and they all made my life worth living!

I’ve got 101 reasons to be thankful for and here goes a fraction of it. 🙂

1. For the love, care, and support of my family and friends. These people are just amazing!

2. For finally having a place which I proudly call MINE. 🙂 (and which I happily designed :p )

3. For the birth of ASHTA HOLIDAYS TRAVEL AND TOURS! Yup! It’s up and running! Call 3844808 for more information. Haha! 🙂

4. For the upcoming _______ of my brother (He said that it’s supposed to be a secret. Haha. But it’s one thing that I’m thankful for. 🙂 So, I’ll leave it at that. 🙂 )

5. For my sister’s commencement in her medical course. Finally. 🙂

6. For this year’s trials, which, all the more, made me stronger… and bolder.

7. For the travels and even the short trips which I always consider as relaxing, stress-relieving, and learning experiences.

8. For all the risks I took, which prepared me to roll with the punches and appreciate life even more.

9. For my nieces and godchildren – for the joy they bring to my life.

10. For the dreams fulfilled.

11. For my ever-loving significant other – who never fails to be always there for me.

12. For another year to live.

13. And of course, for the Lord’s LOVE. 🙂 Couldn’t ask for more.

*** To all those who greeted, who sent their gifts, and who came to Heat, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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Puerto Princesa Get-Away

It wasn’t planned at all but when two high school classmates told us about the Palawan tickets that they just bought during the Cebu Pacific seat sale, Ailyn and I agreed to go without thinking twice for the reason that we will get to travel together again! 🙂

We knew very well that when most of the airlines do their seat sales, we won’t be able to get our money back when we cancel, so, indeed there was no turning back!

It was another adrenalin rush in everything (beating deadlines) before I finally set my foot in the newest airport terminal – Terminal 3! It was my first time to see the interior of this terminal. I would usually pass by the area in getting to South Super Highway from the other airports. And so, even without any sleep, I was excited!

We got to Puerto Princesa early morning and since we took the first flight to the city, we decided to get a few hours rest after checking in and before making ourselves busy with the tours we had in mind.

We started the day touring and found ourselves happily discovering Puerto Princesa more and more each day. Our days in this part of Palawan were all fun. Photos tell a lot of stories and here are some of the photos which form a part of our Palawan get-away story. 🙂


Recreation Hall at the Penal Farm Dating Back During the American Occupation

Recreation Hall at the Penal Farm

Surrounded by the Prisoners' Works at the Penal Farm Souvenir Shop

Surrounded by the Prisoners' Works at the Penal Farm Souvenir Shop

The Largest Croc Alive I've Ever Seen

The Largest Croc Alive I've Ever Seen

Lyn and Me with a Baby Croc :)

Lyn and Me with a Baby Croc 🙂

Mitra's Rest House in Puerto Princesa

Mitra's Rest House in Puerto Princesa

The Baker's Hill

The Baker's Hill

Of course, our story doesn’t end here. Watch out for more photos to be uploaded soon! 🙂

Photo Credits:  Derick Evangelista and Ailyn Malaca

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New Travel Show on Channel 5!

Channel 5 has just re-launched and part of its re-launch is a travel show called Travel on a Shoestring which gives the viewers ideas and suggestions about backpacking in the Philippines.

It’s aired every Thursdays, 10 P.M.

Watch it! And you’ll appreciate local tourism even more! 🙂

Show Host and Friend, JC Gotinga, During His Banaue ShootJC by you.

“See the Philippines under 5,000 pesos for 3 days and 2 nights!”

(Photo by Jeric Soriano)

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Outstanding Beijing Olympics Ceremonies

<08-08-08> 8:00 P.M. (Photo Credit: Getty Images – Beijing 2008 Website)Olympics 11 by you.

Ailyn and I watched the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies tonight at the National Sports Grill where a huge screen with a real time show was set up for people who were very much into this long awaited event. It was amazing to see at how China had come up with such programme with a participation of (I assume) thousands of Chinese to make all the details from the countdown to the lighting of the torch possible.

I haven’t really expected the whole thing to be as grand as it was. When I was in Beijing last year, I personally saw the Beijing National Olympic Stadium, otherwise called as the Bird’s Nest, in the making, and it just looked really huge, and none other.

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The Forbidden City: Restored

I just watched “Inside the Forbidden City” at The National Geographic Channel and it provided such interesting story of the restoration of The Forbidden City in lieu of the upcoming Beijing Olympics. It also shared a story of the rise of the Forbidden City and the emperors’ lives inside the city.

Having visited the Forbidden City last year (during its restoration period), I took a photo of one of the doors which looked like this:

10 by you.

And now, it’s this. 🙂

Nine rows of nine bolts - can you guess the imperial number?

Congratulations to the restoration team of the Forbidden City! I wish to be back there soon and see the city within a city in its full colors! 🙂

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Viaje del Sol Series 1: Road Trip to Luzon’s South (Day 2)

Our Viaje del Sol Day 2 trip brought more fun and excitement than that of Day 1. 🙂

Casa San Pablo, Laguna3 by you.

Ugu’s Potter’s Garden, Tiaong, Quezon2 by you.

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Viaje del Sol Series 1: Road Trip to Luzon’s South (Day 1)

For Paz’s bridal shower, my girlfriends and I decided to skip the conventional shower party (and skip the plane as well) and treat her to a road trip to the south of Luzon. In 2 days, we covered some parts of Laguna, Batangas, and Quezon! 🙂

This road trip was inspired by a witty guide of Laguna, Batangas, and Quezon, called Viaje del Sol, translated in English as the “way of the sun”. The whole concept of Viaje del Sol is to provide travellers, culture and nature-lovers, or adventure-seekers, suggestions of places to visit in these three areas, a road map, or simply a guide to having wonderful times in the south.

Casa San Pablo 🙂1 by you.

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