An Afternoon in Hong Kong’s Harbour City (Part 1 of 3)

It has been a while since I got to sit and blog about my adventures and discoveries. I just had a soothing massage at home and for some weird reasons, I am wide awake now! So, I thought of sharing some stories of my most recent out of the country trip – a short trip to Hong Kong. Normally, I go on a 4-night or 3-night trips at the least, but this one is an exemption. My fiance and I are both busy since the start of the year (blessing in disguise, they say :)) and we cannot afford to extend one more night for pleasure. As Hong Kong  always feels like home every time I go for a visit, we plan to go back to Hong Kong sometime later this year, on a longer and a more relaxed stay.

This trip was for a family affair. We attended my fiance’s brother, Sunny’s civil wedding. It was a rather intimate event since the couple had planned to have a bigger celebration in Shenzhen (where the bride hails from) sometime next year. We took PAL’s earliest flight to HK and its last flight to Manila since aside from us wanting to have longer hours squeezed in our 3-day trip, I personally wanted to ride in the bigger aircrafts. These flights have the 3-4-3 and 2-4-2 aisle seating capacity. I have been taking Airbus 320/330 in my domestic and international flights in the previous months and definitely, I wanted something new this time, even though it was just a regional flight.

After meeting with my fiance’s two other brothers, visiting their company office which the three of them had set up, and having some Cantonese lunch, we headed for Nathan Road for some shopping. After this nth visit to Nathan Road, I noticed that the whole stretch of shopping stores didn’t appeal much to me anymore. Obviously, I wanted to go somewhere else! 🙂 What I love about Hong Kong is that whenever we visit the place, we always have our personal tour guides – my fiance’s brothers! They took us to the Harbour City after visiting Nathan Road and I was amazed to see another facelift in this country! The interconnected buildings, which can be spotted as one huge shopping mall, the biggest so far in Hong Kong, have undergone another renovation! The buildings in this area, particularly those along Canton Road, house all kinds of  brands: From the most expensive and popular brands, to the new, trendy, and never-heard of brands.

After visiting H&M, one of my favorite shops in the world, my fiance brought me to a store which he described as something which I might find interesting. The shop, called UNIQLO, is a Japanese retail brand. It has really nice collections for men, women, and children which are cheaper than H&M. While the items are affordable, the clothing materials used have met my standards. I was happy to have spent my shopping money in UNIQLO. Even though I didn’t find the oversized jacket which my fiance brought home from UNIQLO in Shanghai, I was able to find the legging pants which I had been scouting for some months already. What made me happier was that they were selling the pants for only HK$79 a piece! And that’s just around PHP460! The legging pants were a few of my best buys in this recent trip. They look like the regular jeans (and come in varied colors like the regular jeans too!), only these ones are lighter, softer, and easy on the skin. Plus, they fit just right! I now heart UNIQLO! 🙂

[Since the pants are currently in the laundry, I grabbed some photos from UNIQLO’s website (thank you, thank you) just to show you what my best buys were!]

Credits: UNIQLO Website

Credits: UNIQLO Website

Credits: UNIQLO Website

After a few more shopping and a quick dinner, we walked back to our hotel. It’s a good thing to always have the hotel at the city center, so there’s no need to catch a cab or the MTR.


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