And So, I am Finally Married

Never in my life had I ever imagined myself to be really married to someone. Someone whom I met in the past said to me in passing that I will have a hard time settling down because I was too focused on developing myself and my career, discovering things, and travelling. And so, I though that if marrying to someone was not possible, maybe living in with someone will do. Not being married to someone didn’t really scare me, as all I really wanted was just to have kids of my own sometime when I am older. All these thoughts came to me when I was 26.

My boyfriend that time, who is my husband now, loved me enough to just let me be. I travelled, went with wherever adventure went, made new friends, worked hard, and party harder. I engaged myself in numerous activities and got myself really busy.

Fast-forward 6 years, and 8 years into the relationship with lots of ups and downs, twist and turns, and several times of “trying” to get away from then-bf, I got hitched to the same person who journeyed life with me, who held me in his arms when I was confused and sad and lonely, who celebrated with me when all things seemed right, and who was just there waiting.

How it happened, only God knows. Our path to being one was indeed a hard path, as that someone whom I met in the past said so. I never got to recall who said it to me because only his/her words lingered on my mind.

I knew that being married will be a hard start for me, as I have always enjoyed being independent and has always loved the freedom that I learned to live with. But I guess the love that I have for my now-hubby is even larger than my love for my claimed freedom and independence that I indeed gave them up.

Now, when I wake up each morning with someone beside me, I thank the Lord for trusting me fully in being able to turn my life around, that he sent a lot of people (our blessings) to help us be one.

I could never count those people who asked me when I would get married. And I cannot even recall the answers I gave them.

But there’s just one thing that I am very sure of now – I am finally married. ๐Ÿ™‚



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An Afternoon in Hong Kong’s Harbour City (Part 1 of 3)

It has been a while since I got to sit and blog about my adventures and discoveries. I just had a soothing massage at home and for some weird reasons, I am wide awake now! So, I thought of sharing some stories of my most recent out of the country trip – a short trip to Hong Kong. Normally, I go on a 4-night or 3-night trips at the least, but this one is an exemption. My fiance and I are both busy since the start of the year (blessing in disguise, they say :)) and we cannot afford to extend one more night for pleasure. As Hong Kongย  always feels like home every time I go for a visit, we plan to go back to Hong Kong sometime later this year, on a longer and a more relaxed stay.

This trip was for a family affair. We attended my fiance’s brother, Sunny’s civil wedding. It was a rather intimate event since the couple had planned to have a bigger celebration in Shenzhen (where the bride hails from) sometime next year. We took PAL’s earliest flight to HK and its last flight to Manila since aside from us wanting to have longer hours squeezed in our 3-day trip, I personally wanted to ride in the bigger aircrafts. These flights have the 3-4-3 and 2-4-2 aisle seating capacity. I have been taking Airbus 320/330 in my domestic and international flights in the previous months and definitely, I wanted something new this time, even though it was just a regional flight.

After meeting with my fiance’s two other brothers, visiting their company office which the three of them had set up, and having some Cantonese lunch, we headed for Nathan Road for some shopping. After this nth visit to Nathan Road, I noticed that the whole stretch of shopping stores didn’t appeal much to me anymore. Obviously, I wanted to go somewhere else! ๐Ÿ™‚ What I love about Hong Kong is that whenever we visit the place, we always have our personal tour guides – my fiance’s brothers! They took us to the Harbour City after visiting Nathan Road and I was amazed to see another facelift in this country! The interconnected buildings, which can be spotted as one huge shopping mall, the biggest so far in Hong Kong, have undergone another renovation! The buildings in this area, particularly those along Canton Road, house all kinds ofย  brands: From the most expensive and popular brands, to the new, trendy, and never-heard of brands.

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A Look at Ninoy’s Outstanding Speech in Los Angeles

I can’t help but share this video of Ninoy’s speech in Los Angeles way back when he was in exile. I’ve read a few things about Ninoy and his fight for our country’s freedom and good governance under the Marcos regime but I must admit that I had never covered the entire story about this fight.

This video of 9 parts, tells a lot about the very powerful Marcos during his time (and my time but was too young to understand), Ninoy’s life in prison, the tactics used by Marcos to keep Ninoy away from power, and the call for Marcos to give to the Filipinos what they truly deserve.

Ninoy is indeed a brilliant, witty, articulate, courageous, determined, and most of all, a very sincere politician.

I hope that the generation of today will take time to follow his story and his dreams for the Filipino people. This speech reminds us that we need not take a person’s life away for us to continue fighting for good governance in our country. We can have a good fight in our own little ways. We need not be Ninoy nor his wife, Cory, to free our country from corruption and put the Philippines back in the map with its successful neighboring countries.

Our country is still our country. While othersย  may run away from the problems we now face, those who are left behind may continue to dream for a better Philippines and work on making these dreams come true. As what Ninoy had said in his speech as an answer to the question raised on whether he had sought the help or assistance of the Americans in restoring democracy in the Philippines, he said “I believe that IF we, Filipinos, cannot fight for our freedom, we do not deserve it. We should not depend on the Americans, we should depend on ourselves…”

No one can fight for our country except us, Filipinos. Let us not wait for another person’s life to be spared…

Let us start now. ๐Ÿ™‚

***Right-click this and click WATCH ON YOU TUBE so you may follow the rest of the other 8 parts.***

Enjoy viewing!

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Destination Singapore: Enjoying the Great Singapore Sale (Days 3 & 4 of 4)

Our third day was as full as our second day. We still had some entrance coupons which weren’t used and we thought that we should just choose a few since it was The Great Singapore Sale and we wouldn’t want to miss the sale for the world! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a summary of the last full day that we had ๐Ÿ™‚

1) DUCKTOURS. This is both a bus and a boat combined, offering tourists a tour of the city and the harbour without having to switch transport. It takes almost the same route as the river cruise but this one is a bit different since the tour starts on land. Just the same, we had a good, closer look on Singapore’s landmarks on the river banks.

So This Is How It Looks Like :)

So This Is How It Looks Like ๐Ÿ™‚

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Destination Singapore: Getting To Know More About Its Heritage (Day 2 of 4)

Our Guide To Fun :)

Our Guide To Fun ๐Ÿ™‚

I woke up refreshed, looking forward to see how else can Singapore make my day fun and memorable. I met with my SO after his event and we both headed to the country’s largest shopping mall which also has the world’s largest fountain – the Suntec City. We wanted to check out the country’s hop-on, hop-off tour bus services since we thought that it was the best way to explore theย  place.ย  I think I saw about 3 different companies offering this kind of tour services, and after checking out the brochures the night before, we chose to book with Hippo and Duck Tours for our sightseeing trip that day. They have a wide range of tour options (the options were seriously confusing!). We decided to purchase the Singapore Pass since we thought that we can utilize the pass for the 2 free days that we had. The pass had it all and I’d say that we made an excellent choice! ๐Ÿ™‚

Our Singapore Pass and Our Attraction Coupons

Our Singapore Pass and Attraction Coupons

Our 2-day Singapore Pass included hop-on, hop-off bus transfers to 17 city sightseeing stops, 16 heritage attraction stops, passes to Sentosa, River Hippo Cruise, Moonlight Adventure, Chinatown and Malay Heritage Center, 3 Museums, and the Botanic Garden. To top it all, it included passes to the Singapore Flyer and the Singapore DuckTours! I didn’t have the chance to experience the duck tour when I was in England which made me look forward to that DuckTour in Singapore ๐Ÿ™‚

City Sightseeing Bus

Open-Top Singapore City Sightseeing Bus

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Destination Singapore: Indulging at Clarke Quay (Day 1 of 4)

Clarke Quay at Night

Singapore's Clarke Quay at Night

Trips that aren’t planned are sometimes the most fun.

It wasn’t planned because it was Singapore. A few of my closest friends would often hear me say that Singapore is just… Singapore! And nothing else. Well, there’s Sentosa, the flyer, the famous Durian Building and other modern buildings, and electronics. Just those. Period.

And because it wasn’t planned, I didn’t expect anything. I was even wondering what I could do in a very small country which I had already visited a few years back. Was there anything else aside from those which I had seen before? But then, things change, naturally, so there must be.

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Oh, Trip!

My Palawan trip has long been over but I haven’t got the time to really blog about it (although some photos from Day 1 were already posted). I hope I can sit down one of these days and get all these experiences out of my over-stressed mind. :p

I just came back from the 7,107 Island Cruise and I still have all those photos stuck in my camera.

I’m off to Bohol by the end of the month and I hope I can blog about my Bohol experience as soon as I get back to Manila.

I hope we all enjoyed our V-day last weekend!

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