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Munching in the Colourful Streets of Binondo

To make the Lunar New Year more colourful, Ailyn and I decided to treat ourselves to one of Ivan Mandy’s Old Manila Walks – the Big Binondo Food Wok Chinese New Year Special – on Lunar New Year’s day itself!

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Weekend Event: Chinese New Year Celebration

When I was a child, I have witnessed only one way of celebrating the New Year: the Filipino Catholic way – New Year mass, loads of food (with lechon, pansit, and leche flan as the most common foods on the table), New Year greetings, and scores of firecrackers until 2 A.M. When I began exploring the world, moreover, the other side of the world, I witnessed another way of celebrating the New Year: the British way – Auld Lang Syne, liquor until the wee hours of the morning, socials and dances, and a bit of firecrackers.

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Kong Xi Fa Chai!

To my Chinese friends from all over the world,

and to all those who join in welcoming the Year of the Pig…


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Prince of Jaipur: Dining with Royal Treatment

Prince of Jaipur stands out as an authentic Indian restaurant with a great pink ambiance, among the bars and restaurants of Fort Bonifacio’s The Fort Strip . Patterned after Jaipur, the pink city of India which is situated 260 kilometers from New Delhi (capital of India) and 240 kilometers from Agra (home of Taj Mahal), Prince of Jaipur carries an impressive rose-colored wall with a number of paintings of Indian royalties and a ceiling filled with beautiful Indian carpets with intricate designs.

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Weekend Event: 11th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clarkfield, Pampanga

Hot Air Balloon Night Glow

Hot Air Balloon During the Day

While most people would rather go to Clark at dawn and leave the place in the evening to witness Hot Air Balloon’s take-off and night glow, respectively, we decided to go to Clark in the evening to see the night glow first and the take-off the following day. So we left Manila at 3 P.M., just in time to experience the hot air balloon event in the evening. Traffic wasn’t bad. We arrived at the site at around 5 in the afternoon. The entrance fee in the afternoon (PhP 200) was more expensive than that in the morning (PhP 100). But, thanks to some friends (hehe), we were able to get in for free! The set up for the night glow started at exactly 5:30 P.M. and while many 5,000 people were curiously waiting for the night exhibition, we managed to grab some bite from the food stalls lined up on the right side of the huge field.

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Discovery 102: Signature for Less

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