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I’m so harassaed these days – preparing for my upcoming trip to Cambodia, trying to get in touch with people for mini-reunions, doing an incidental TOEFL research and review, doing daily reports, decoding those funny CNN news compilations, formulating own TOEFL listening questions, and getting them all done while enduring the sobrang init weather!

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Last Week

Something from last week’s get-away! šŸ™‚

Bulacan Outing

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Reading Again…

TheĀ Alchemist

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Currently Crazy About…

My iPod Shuffle (Note: In Pink! Haha!)

headphone jack plugged in


Little Mermaid Musical’s HE BROUGHT ME TO YOU…

(This song is indeed a masterpiece!)

(If I won’t be able to find one in the country, then I may have to look into Amazon. I hope somebody out there is kind enough to let me know how much this scarceĀ CD costs. šŸ™‚ )

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Refreshing views can make us sane in the middle of ourĀ hectic lives… So, once in a while, reatreat to never, neverland and listen to your inner selves. You won’t be surprised to come back pepped up and ready to be in the battle again.

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I Love My Bluelist!


Bluelist (verb): to recommend a travel experienceĀ 

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2007 Best Travel Blog: Ivan About Town

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